Better Be Safe than Sorry…

Just because a boiler has many pipes running out it, doesn’t mean that you should contact a plumber to have a boiler installed or for boiler repair. Boiler installations or handling the boiler breakdowns are niche services which should be dealt with only by the qualified professionals who are experts in working with heating systems. If you are in need of boiler engineers for commercial boiler installations or repairs, contact London Gas Plumbers without second thoughts. We are veterans in the industry who hold the expertise in handling a wide variety of commercial plumbing projects day in and day out.

Why Choose Boiler Engineers and not Plumbers for Boiler Repairs?

‘Plumbers’ is a generic term used to refer to the individuals who are capable of handling leaking pipes to dishwasher installations. In contrast with the heating engineers, the plumbers deal with the domestic plumbing works. They usually do not possess any formal education to handle plumbing jobs. Though some plumbers are gas safe certified, it might not be from standard institutes. Moreover, a gas certification is good to have qualification for plumbers, but in no way an expected standard.

Listed below are the key pointers that show why heating engineers should be preferred over plumbers:


  • A heating engineer to be more specific, Gas Safe Registered is the ideal choice


First off, you should make sure that the professional you contact to deal with your boiler repair is gas industry certified. Fixing a boiler breakdown involves working with gas, which could lead to precarious situations at times. Gas safe registered engineers are proficient in handling such situations as the gas industry is a vastly regulated body that makes sure that the professionals who are certified from the body meet the highest standards of safe gas practices.

What’s more, the heating engineers are specifically trained to work on commercial and domestic heating systems than any other plumbing works. They are formally trained to handle such projects alone.


  • A heating engineer knows how to choose a commercial boiler replacement system


Many times, old commercial boilers need to be replaced with new units, be it for energy saving or for better performance. Choosing a better boiler replacement than the existing one is a herculean task which only a qualified heating engineer can perform as he needs to consider the following aspects before making an informed decision.

  • Standard Emissions to meet the air quality regulations
  • Better controls for improved efficiency
  • Choosing the right burner to comply with the standard norms.
  • Evaluating the net costs


  • A heating engineer can choose the best commercial boiler system for you


Choosing a high functioning boiler is everyone’s’ dream. However, you can achieve this only if you hire that ideal heating engineer who is an expert in dealing with commercial boiler installations. From energy efficiency to costs, to picking the right size that is ideal for your business/domestic use, only a heating engineer is capable of guiding you through the best.


  • A heating engineer can help you with regular servicing of your commercial boiler


As important as boiler installation, maintaining them for top efficiency and reliability to keep your surroundings warm and cosy is equally essential. Only a heating engineer is qualified to service the boilers to keep them in optimum working condition.

Listed below are the top 5 boiler installation services in London

  • Southstar Plumbers – Veteran plumbers in the UK with decades of experience in boiler installation services.
  • London Gas Plumbers – Renowned for authentic boiler installation and repair services with the help of highly skilled gas certified engineers onboard.
  • Commercial Gas Plumbers – New to the industry, but are definitely here to make a difference!
  • Putney Plumbers – They are well-known for their services across the UK for a reason – best customer service.
  • Plumber Rescue – They are at your service 24×7 on all 365 days!