Top heating safety tips from the plumbers in London

The plumbers in London advise that keeping our house warm and cosy even during the winters is in our hands. Abusing the heating system can not only lead to plumbing emergencies like fire accidents but also deprive us of mental peace and harmony. Therefore, we at London Gas Plumbers have compiled for you a list of essential precautions which when taken can help you avoid heating system emergencies.

Pointers for heating system safety

1. Never overload the power outlets

Never ever try to plug in multiple space heaters or heating blankets just to increase the warmth in the house. Overloading the extension cords or the power outlets with numerous heat appliances can lead to fire accidents. Probably it’s time to upgrade to a new boiler or seek a boiler replacement if the central heating system is not providing enough heat to meet your comfort levels.


For boiler replacement or upgrade, approach us for heating engineer services in London.

2. Apply caution with space heaters

According to a report, 74% of fire accidents are caused due to space heaters abuse. Space heaters are very susceptible to ignite a fire if they are unattended. Even a tiny fall or an accidental knock-off can cause the space heater to ignite.

  • It is ideal to keep the space heaters on a noncombustible material like a ceramic tile instead of placing them on carpets to avoid combustion.
  • Keep the space heaters as away as possible from the curtains, door, and other wooden objects.
  • Purchase space heaters that shut off automatically in case of minor accidents.
  • Always plug in the space heaters to Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) system to avoid accidents as it automatically shuts off in case of overload.


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3. Leave enough space around the boiler

Always ensure that the space surrounding the boiler is staying clear of flammable material.

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4. Keep a vigil on fireplaces

Inspect your furnace and clean the fire ducts constantly.  It is a good practice to change the furnace filter every month especially during the winter months to remove all the combustible material. Also, consider having a diffusion screen installed surrounding the fireplace to avoid the fire sparks from falling on the carpet, which might result in fire accidents.

To have the plumbers in London, visit your premises for fireplace maintenance and service; contact us at London Gas Plumbers for regular plumbing services.

5. Take good care of the chimney

Keep your chimney clean and check it regularly for structural damages to stay away from unwarranted surprises. The air cracks in the chimney can make the flame in the fireplace to spread outside and ignite the surroundings.


Our gas certified heating engineers can have a chimney sweep and the soot and the creosote cleaned at regular intervals to ensure heating safety.

6. Beware of water heater accidents

Make sure that the thermostat in the water heater is in good condition as once it starts deteriorating, the flame in the heater becomes inconsistent and can lead to fire accidents.


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7. Identify a good plumber service in London beforehand for emergencies

Last but not least always, identify an emergency plumbing service in London for safekeeping.  This can help you deal with emergency situations efficiently.

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