Finding an ideal plumber in an emergency situation is harder than you think…

Plumbing problems are often so sudden, that they do not give you a heads up before they occur. It’s already a disaster before you even realise. Hence, get proactive before that misfortune strikes.

Every smart household in London (or in any other place on earth) needs to identify and keep the contact details of a reliable emergency plumbing service in London handy to be safe.

In case, you already happen to know a genuine plumber in London, then there is nothing much you can do other than sitting tight and hoping that you never face a plumbing issue. But, in case, you do not have a good plumber in mind, then this blog is for you.

We are London Gas Plumbers; a genuine plumbing company who have been providing emergency plumbing services for the past 25 years in London. We have listed down a few pointers which will help you in differentiating a good plumber from bad.

How to zero-down on a good plumber for your emergency plumbing need?

Tip 1:

Word of mouth or getting a reference from a good friend about a plumber is usually the best strategy. Never go searching for a plumber in the telephone directory and contact the first plumber you come across. A business article in BBC says that they are many fraudsters out there who just extend the time, just so they get paid for the extra hours of work.

Tip 2:

In case, you are on your own in search of a good plumber, try researching on the internet. You might find some good local references if you search by the phrase ‘plumber near me’.

  • Check the years of experience in their niches. For example, how many years of service they have as commercial gas engineers in London, or so and so forth.
  • Check if any of the services they provide are potentially beneficial for you.
  • Read the reviews and go with the genuine ones.

Tip 3:

Try online help from services like who can help their customers in finding a trustworthy plumbing agency locally. However, check if the service is available in your area as the Amazon Plumbing Service is available only in select cities as of now, but are extending soon.

Tip 4:

In case, you do come across a potentially good plumber, ask as many questions as possible to assess their knowledge.

  • Check if the plumbers are formally trained from a reputed institute.
  • Check if they have a valid plumbing license in place.
  • Ask if their plumbers have a gas safe certificate from the gas industry.
  • Quickly assess if they have good years of experience.
  • Ask if they can handle complex plumbing issues like gas leakages, boiler replacement etc; the potential plumbing problems that you are likely to face.
  • Ask for the warranty they provide for their plumbing service.
  • Always ask for an estimate for potential problems which can help you assess if they are charging exorbitantly.
  • Ask for references and recommendations.

Tip 5:

Cross-check the references the potentially good plumbers provide and stay hassle-free.

Tip 6:

Last, but not least, never wait until the emergency strikes. Wake up now, and safely keep the details of a good plumber handy.

For more information on emergency plumbing services we provide in London or for any other details, contact London Gas Plumbers at 020 3968 4193, or visit our website