Common plumbing emergencies

Life is a lot easier if everything is in place; unfortunately, that is not always the case. However, staying on guard and taking charge of the situation can help in preventing even the inevitable at times. Plumbing problems are such that until they do not exist you are complacent, but, when they do occur they hit you hard. In this blog, we at London Gas Plumbers have compiled for you top five such emergency plumbing problems which can seem to be like a pain in the neck but can lead to disastrous situations. We provide all kinds of simple to emergency plumbing services across the UK,  24×7 on all 365 days.

Top 5 plumbing problems in London that call for immediate attention

Problem 1: Gas Leak

This is the most dangerous plumbing problem which can lead to unwarranted results if goes unattended immediately.

Action Required: In case, you suspect a gas leak or if you smell gas, the first and foremost plan of action should be to try and cut off the gas supply if you can. Next, try and get out of the house to be on the safe side. Then, contact a qualified heating engineer or a gas engineer in London who is gas safe registered, immediately.

Gas leaks can turn out to be really ugly if they are not addressed in time.

Problem 2: Burst Pipes

Burst pipes seem like a trivial issue but can cause huge inconvenience to the residents. If ignored, the burst pipes can cause major leakage issues like flooding. The cause for this could be due to the pipes shrinking due to the cold London climate or due to the usual wear and tear of the pipes. On a lighter note, such problems should be addressed before the carpets in the house and the other expensive possessions are ruined.

Action Required:  Even the smallest of the leaks should be addressed immediately as they can intensify with the passage of time. As the water leakage can meddle with the electricity, the electricity and the water supply both should be cut off. Next, call a professional plumber in London and have the issue addressed immediately.

Problem 3: Heating Problem

It is hard to survive in London without a proper heating system in place. It is an ideal practice to have the furnace and the Boiler serviced before the winter sets in. With regular maintenance of the Boiler system, you can easily avoid unwarranted Boiler repairs.

Action Required: However, when the heating issue does crop up, contact a skilled heating engineer or a boiler engineer who is gas safe registered from a reputed plumbing company to have the issue sorted out.

Problem 4: Boiler Breakdown

This can turn out to be a more complicated problem than it meets the eye. Moreover, it can be expensive too. A lot can go wrong with a boiler and so are the consequences. From a major issue like boiler leakage to a simple thermostat issue; boiler breakdowns should be dealt with, immediately.

Action Required: As boiler repair involve working with gas, calling a trained plumber in London is extremely essential. A proficient boiler engineer who is a gas industry certified only qualifies for this job.

Problem 5: Blocked Drain

Leaking pipes can be devastating, but blocked drain can turn out to be a stinking issue (both literally and figuratively).  The blocked drain could be caused due to flushing the toilets with unsuitable stuff like the wipes, feminine sanitary products, or anything that is other than the regular toilet paper. Usually, this plumbing problem is benign, however, can cause extreme discomfort and overflow of the faeces if not attended immediately.

Action Required: Contact a well-informed plumber in London, in case, you are not able to fix the issue yourself.